סט 20 פונצים טקסטורה 3-22

799.00 695.00

מק"ט: 181691 קטגוריה: תגית:

Our Dapping & Texturing Punch Cutter Set is a fast, effective way to create rounded discs from sheet wax and metal for your jewellery designs. An ideal tool for professional designer-makers, silversmiths and jewellers, this set will produce perfectly formed round discs requiring little finishing and will cut soft metals such as silver, gold, brass or copper up to 0.32mm (28 gauge) thick. The 20 piece set is presented in a Durston storage tray and contains dapping cutters ranging in size from 3mm to 22mm, made from hardened, ground tool steel for achieving accurate results. The dapping cutters are excellently designed to absorb the reaction caused by hammering, preventing metal crystallisation taking place, thus extending the life of the tools. Please note, the surface of your cutters should be kept clean and polished, as any marks will be transferred onto your metal.